Annalise Brolaski

Executive Pastry Chef, Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub, Oceanside, CA

Annalise Brolaski

What’s your favorite dish to cook at the moment?
My favorite thing to make at the moment is any type of bread. I love the smell of yeast dough rising and the way it feels when you handle it. I get up before the sun rises, make my dough and let it proof while watching the sun rise out my window. Sounds pretty dreamy, and it sure is. A couple hours later and the warm aroma of freshly baked bread fills the house and satisfies my soul. Slap on a good amount of butter and I’m in heaven.

What is your relationship with your local farmers/ranchers and how do you support each other?
My favorite local farm is a new certified organic farm in Oceanside, CA called Cyclops Farms. Farmer Luke Girling is passionate about “keeping an eye on our food system.” And that’s incredibly important to me. I use as many organic ingredients as possible in all my creations, so having a farm so close is an absolute blessing for our whole community. Luke, his wife, and two kids run a great weekly farm stand where they offer a plethora of fresh, hand-picked, organic produce. I was so happy when I found out about what Luke was doing, I really hope the rest of my generation sees how important it is to produce food sustainably.

You’re on a desert island. Which chef’s tool do you bring with you?
I think the obvious answer is a sharp knife. It’s good for defense, cracking open coconuts and could possibly spark a fire if you tried hard enough. A whisk wouldn’t do much good . . .


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