Bringing Down the House (Beer)

by: Becky Tsadik

“If you only make one beer, you’d better make it perfect”, says the narrator in this straight-forward, tongue-in-cheek promo video that captures the House Beer ethos perfectly.

The beer drinker who doesn’t want to have to choose quality over drinkability or price will be right at home with House Beer ($13.99 SRP for a 12-pack). Inspired by the conviviality of Coors LIGHT, et. al., but seeking a brew with a bit more intention behind it and a brand that speaks to millennials, the founders of House Beer set out to create an accessible but high-quality beer.

Keegan and Brendan House Beer
Keegan Gibbs and Brendan Sindell, Founders of House Beer in Venice, CA.

“We wanted to make drinkable beer that connects with our generation,” says Keegan Gibbs from the House Beer headquarters, perched practically beachside on Rose Avenue (aka the new Abbot Kinney) in Venice, California. The founders and Los Angeles-natives include Brendan Sindell, who echoed Gibbs’ sentiments, saying their goal is to be “the next big beer for our generation.”

What does that look like?

House Beer is a premium lager crafted without pretention from the best crystal malts and noble hops by Maltose Falcon club’s Ryan Boring and the Sleeping Giant Brewing Company’s Robert Kuntz, who manage brewing and quality control. At a low 4.8 percent ABV, House Beer is palatable, drinkable and won’t get you too drunk too fast or too full.

From distribution methods that included selling beer out of the backs of vans, now the brand has expanded to all of Southern California and is on tap at trendy, on-premise accounts such as The Bungalow in Santa Monica and Jon & Vinny’s in Hollywood as well as retail markets like Whole Foods. House Beer launched in New York earlier this summer and through event collaborations, apparel and merchandise partnerships is working on building brand awareness.

What’s next for the brand? Don’t expect to see any House Beer Light or complicated seasonal flavors on the docket—creating beer for beer trends’ sake; that’s not House style. “We see straight through the B.S.,” Gibbs says, speaking for the millennial generation and its insistence on genuine connection. “Honesty and integrity is too important these days.”

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