#THCThursdays: An Introduction to Edibles

Why cannabis-infused food might work for you

Written by: Taylor Haynes

For those who dislike smoking, don’t want to vape and are intimidated by the ever-growing world of concentrates, edibles—food infused with cannabis—are a popular way to ingest cannabis. Whether you prefer chocolate, brightly-colored hard candies, smoothies or even making your own cooking oil, edibles are perfect for medicating without bothersome smoke or expensive equipment. Getting […]


Cannabinoids 101

It's not all about the high

Written by: Amanda Kay Mannshahia

When it comes to cannabis, there is so much more than meets the eye. As any cannasseur knows, the mysteries of the herb are often solved when looking at its chemical blueprint. The rise of regulatory marijuana testing provides us with a closer look at the chemical profile of each strain, but what are we […]


Planet Terroir

The wine-born concept of terroir and the protection of small-scale farming create a new paradigm for agriculture

Written by: Frenchy Cannoli

  Terroir: The combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character. —Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary The word “terroir” is so French that it cannot be perfectly translated; it represents respect and love for the land and its diversity, which is exemplified in the culture of food and wine. The word […]


Terpenes 101

The Aromatic Birthmark of a Strain

Written by: Amanda Kay Mannshahia

Taking in the pungent aroma of cannabis is often our first experience with the herb.  Yet more often than not this soothing and familiar scent is dismissed as a nuisance. Interestingly enough, the aromatic properties of cannabis have recently been found to play a larger role in the unique therapeutic effects induced by each strain […]


Craft Elixirs

Alchemy at its Finest

Written by: Amanda Kay Mannshahia

For generations, ancient alchemists spent their lives searching for the elixir of life. Through a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation, they strived to find the key to eternal life. However, as history has shown, we’ve yet to unlock the mystery of such a formula. At Craft Elixirs, the modern-day alchemists behind artisanal THC-infused […]


AbsoluteXtracts & Care By Design

Raising the Bar for Transparent, High-Quality Cannabis

Written by: Amanda Kay Mannshahia

When it comes to cannabis, we are far too often mislead by a ubiquitous strain name. How many times have you gravitated towards familiarity over quality? Well, that stops now. With a commitment to transparency and high quality cannabis extraction methods, Care By Design and AbsoluteXtracts are setting the standard for truly pure and potent […]


Scott Palmer is the CEO of KIVA Confections

Budding Careers: Scott Palmer of KIVA Confections

Written by: Lauren Weiss

In 2010, Scott Palmer and Kristi Knobloch looked around at the market for cannabis edibles and what they saw was not good. Products were inconsistent, untested, and unlabeled. They knew there had to be a better solution to serve those seeking edibles


Julie Berliner of Sweet Grass Kitchen

Crop to Cookie

Elevating edibles at Denver's Sweet Grass Kitchen

Written by: Rachel Burkons

In 2008, Julie Berliner was approached by a friend who loved her famous chocolate chip cookies—and who wanted her to create a cannabis-infused version he could sell as a private line at the collective he operated.


Abil Bradshaw and Melissa Flynn of Bed, Baked and Beyond

Bud and Breakfasts Fire Up

Intimate lodging comes of age in Seattle

Written by: Julie H. Case

Across Washington and Colorado, bed-and-breakfasts that cater to cannabis clientele are becoming the rage; think of them as “bud and breakfasts,” instead.