Craft Elixirs

Alchemy at its Finest

by: Amanda Kay Mannshahia

For generations, ancient alchemists spent their lives searching for the elixir of life. Through a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation, they strived to find the key to eternal life. However, as history has shown, we’ve yet to unlock the mystery of such a formula.

At Craft Elixirs, the modern-day alchemists behind artisanal THC-infused syrups have set forth to create not an elixir of eternal life, but one that brings a richer, multi-sensory experience to celebrate this moment in life.
Craft-Elixirs-ER-22-PRINTFounder and President Jamie Hoffman describes the syrups as not only “a culinary experience, but also a mind experience.” The unexpected artisanal flavor profiles unfold in such a way that you are able to “taste all the different flavors at once.”

“For example, take our Wallingford Wanderlust,” says Hoffman. “Made from strawberries and peppercorn, the seemingly contradictory flavor profile takes your palate on a multi-sensory journey. Remember Willy Wonka’s everlasting gobstopper? It’s just like that. Instead of a four-course meal, you taste the smokiness of the pepper, then the sweetness of the strawberry, then you actually feel the heat from the pepper, and all the while you are actually taking a trip in your mind.”

The ever-expanding variety of syrups can be purchased with or without THC. Certain syrups are infused with a specific strain: the full-body effects of an indica, the cerebrally-focused effects of a sativa or a hybrid of the two. Hoffman describes the process of choosing a strain for a particular syrup as rather intuitive. Her well-known Bagley Avenue Brew is a rich infusion of coffee and chicory that can be used like Kahlua. “Pour it over some creamer and ice and it makes a really nice drink. Naturally we use a sativa for this syrup. The uplifting and energetic quality of the herb works perfectly with the coffee experience.”

Jamie Hoffman Craft Elixir
Craft Elixir founder Jamie Hoffman

The top of every syrup cap features the name of the marijuana strain used, as well as the name of the farm where it was grown. This effort to be transparent and highlight quality ingredients can be found throughout the company’s practices. Hoffman explains, “We make sure all our flowers are organic and pesticide free. We love our growers. We strive for long-term business relationships, which is why we always visit the operation and test the product beforehand. This allows us to have really good partnerships.”

Their vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free policy is applied across the board from flower to fruit. Hoffman proudly boasts her use of local Washington berries, especially from the Bellingham area. “This area really blows me away, they have the freshest, most delicious berries, the best strains, they really love their plants and it shows.”

Hoffman’s strict commitment to the freshest local berries is illustrated with an upcoming syrup which is made with loganberries. One of the most seasonally specific berries in Washington, it is only available four weeks out of the year. “We had a problem when last winter’s drought affected what berries came out last summer. We were almost ready to launch, but the quality of the berries just didn’t taste as good.” Lucky for us the syrup will soon be available.

With a syrup for every season and every mood, Craft Elixir’s sophisticated mixology is a staple for the creative cook’s pantry.


Seattle Baked Pears

  • 2 pears
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • 1 to 2 tbsp. Seattle Simple syrup
  • Vanilla bean ice cream

Bake organic pears in 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Slice pear while still warm after baking. Drizzle 2 tablespoon of Seattle Simple syrup on a plate with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and swirl mixture on plate. Add desired amount of vanilla ice cream. Add warm pear. Enjoy!

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