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Budtender Alexandria Wilson of North Hollywood’s Fountain of Wellbeing Shares Her Product Recommendations

by: Madelyn Gagnon

Fountain of Wellbeing
Budtender Alexandria Wilson

Tucked away in a secluded section of North Hollywood, California, Fountain of Wellbeing (FWB) is a well-kept secret in the San Fernando Valley. It’s the little things that set this dispensary apart from the rest: According to Budtender Alexandria Wilson, it’s the combination of friendly service and in-house cultivated flower that makes FWB unique. “I like knowing where my product is coming from and knowing that everything was made from the heart,” she says.

Because FWB cultivates on-site, Wilson says the business, which also now sells recreational cannabis, can keep its prices more reasonable for customers compared to some pricier Valley competitors. And while it’s incredibly important for licensed dispensaries to adhere to rapidly changing regulation, some find it difficult to distinguish the compliant from the non-compliant. Wilson provides a simple clue for differentiating between the two: “Typically, illegal dispensaries won’t tax you, so if you go into a dispensary and there are no taxes involved, then it’s not legal.”

Foutain of Wellbeing’s Cultivated Flower

It’s also illegal to weigh out cannabis in front of customers, which is why FWB’s flower, called KNBIS, is sold in pre-packaged containers. Additionally, as of July, all licensed dispensaries must have their cannabis tested before selling to customers in accordance with state law. “If you’re not testing your buds and your products, then it’s illegal to have it on your shelves,” Wilson adds.

Edibles, meanwhile, must adhere to their own specific set of regulations. “If you are a recreational patient, you can only be sold edibles individually dosed in 5- to 10- milligrams segments up to a total of 100 milligrams,” Wilson explains. “A lot of illegal dispensaries will sell recreational patients edibles [with a concentration of] more than 100 milligrams.”

Fountain of Wellbeing
Inside Fountain of Wellbeing

After working in several dispensaries and accumulating years of budtending experience, Wilson shows a true passion for her craft while consistently stressing the importance of finding the right product to fit a client’s needs, whether they’re dealing with a certain ailment or simply stopping by the dispensary for their first time. Wilson says that when a prospective customer visits a dispensary, they should ask staff members for lab results and terpene profilessomething she wishes dispensaries were required to provide. “If you break it up from a terpene perspective, you can actually pinpoint what will help your ailment,” she explains. “That’s a big thing that people overlook.”For first-time visitors, Wilson says it’s helpful to get a professional recommendation from a budtender about which products to try. Because many of her clients are curious about edibles, Wilson says she recommends “starting off with Terra Bites [by California-based Kiva Confections], which are chocolate-covered blueberries or espresso beans,” or Breez Mints. These products come in 5-milligram doses rather than the standard 10- to help customers achieve their desired result “without getting too high,” she adds.

And for those curious about vaping, FWB also sells a Select Oil Social vape pen—one of Wilson’s favorite products—containing low doses of THC for a pleasant, sociable experience. Some of Wilson’s other must-try products include sparkling THC-infused beverages by Habit, as well as edible chocolates by Nug, which “incorporate THC and CBD in their edibles and keep their prices super low.” Both products can be purchased at FWB.

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