Make Way For Mushrooms

Four Sigmatic Brings a Fresh Boost to Your Next Cup

by: Becky Tsadik

“I believe mushrooms are the best kept secret in natural health,” says Four Sigmatic’s co-founder, Tero Isokauppila, in a video on the company’s website. Although human beings have used whole mushrooms as medicine in teas and soups for thousands of years, the company has pioneered capturing the health benefits of mushrooms into a powdered form that is transportable and easily drinkable once mixed with water.

Ninety percent of Americans consume caffeine every day, but are more exhausted than ever. Simultaneously, we are a nation obsessed with diet and fitness, but oblivious to true health and wellness.

Enter Four Sigmatic, founded by a group of men from Finland, including Tero Isokauppila, a 13th-generation farmer turned global health entrepreneur. The company arrived in the United States last year to spread the message of the mushroom: more energy, less stress and greater mental focus are achievable—without drastically changing our daily habits.

hot cacao

Consumption, it turns out, is the key to greater health when it comes to their mushroom-based mixes, drinkable concoctions that may serve as replacements or substitutes for a morning coffee or after-dinner cup of cocoa. Using a wonderfully familiar delivery system—drinks—the Mushroom Coffee and Mushroom Hot Cacao Mixes may be easily mixed with water or into a smoothie to deliver the known health benefits of mushrooms, which are already ubiquitous in Western medicine.

Mushroom are ancient superfoods that have provided first aid benefits, including anti-inflammation and stress reduction for thousands of years, but Four Sigmatic is the first company to make these benefits so accessible. Through a process of dual extraction, spray drying and a perfected recipe, Four Sigmatic harvests select varieties from mushroom farms and wild forests and turns the products into mushroom extract powder. As if the mushrooms themselves weren’t healthful enough, all Four Sigmatic products are vegan, sugar-free or have low GI content, non-gmo and are free of fillers. The company recently added Smoothie ‘Shroomers, the perfect pick-me-up for summer.

Bonus: medicinal mushrooms have been widely studied as potential cancer treatments and a portion of proceeds from mushroom box purchases helps fund the delivery of free mushroom kits to cancer patients.


Mushroom Coffee Mix

With Lion’s Mane


As a bonafide caffeine addict, I was surprised to find this a suitable replacement for the morning coffee addiction—and a quicker process than boiling water and grinding my own beans into a French press, too! Just add one packet to hot water. 100 percent Arabica coffee combined with wild-harvested chaga and lion’s mane provided clarity and focus.


With Cordyceps


With less than half the amount of caffeine (40 mg) of a standard cup of coffee (95 mg), this blend sustained me throughout the day, minus the typical coffee-crash that hits just before lunch.


Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

with Cordyceps


Perfect for satisfying the sweet tooth, this concentrated mix packs a powerful punch of energy boost from the mushrooms as well as health benefits from cacao.



with Reishi


Antioxidants from cacao combine with log-grown reishi to assist with sleeplessness and stress reduction—balance and calm quickly follow.


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