Craft Elixirs

Alchemy at its Finest

Written by: Amanda Kay Mannshahia

For generations, ancient alchemists spent their lives searching for the elixir of life. Through a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation, they strived to find the key to eternal life. However, as history has shown, we’ve yet to unlock the mystery of such a formula. At Craft Elixirs, the modern-day alchemists behind artisanal THC-infused […]


At Home at Doma Kitchen

Eastern Europe meets the West Coast near the beach

Written by: Becky Tsadik

“Old fashioned food is becoming relevant,” says Angie Corrente, owner of Doma Kitchen in Manhattan Beach, California. The Ukrainian-born restauranteur runs the chic space with her husband, who is from Uzbekistan, in Central Asia. Their two cultures meet in the restaurant’s international cuisine that emphasizes Eastern European dishes and Central Asian techniques. When they relocated […]