Jennifer Lynn Bice

Founder of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

Written by: Jesse Hom-Dawson

Jennifer Lynn Bice’s love of goats started young, when her and her nine siblings joined 4-H in the small town of Sebastopol, CA and began raising goats. With five or six goats to a child, they soon became beloved pets, with individual names and tricks taught by the family. With 50 or 60 goats on […]


Anatomy of a Parsnip

Written by: Jeff Cox

Of all the root vegetables, parsnips have the most distinctive flavor and aroma. It mixes the essences of parsley and carrot, but with a sweet note and something musky that’s all its own. Some people are put off by this quality, but it can add something unique to many dishes. The source of this inimitable […]