Here Comes the Sun

Making the Case for Sun-Grown Cannabis

Written by: Rachel Burkons

Imagine this: You’re taking a trip to California wine country. You pull off the 5 Freeway and up to a giant warehouse. As its doors swing open, you’re greeted by rows upon rows upon rows of grape vines and the low hum of florescent lights. Forget things like terroir and sense of place; winemakers here […]


#THCThursdays: PremaFlora for Plant, People and Planet

Written by: Taylor Haynes

Imagine a farmers’ market. The air is filled with jubilant chatter and the booths are exploding with fresh produce — bushels of kale, ripe squash and bright red apples beckon. Now imagine there is also a booth displaying mason jars filled with buds of deep green cannabis. There might be an earthy scent drawing passer-bys closer, […]