The Summer of Sungrown

Emerald Exchange Returns for its Fourth Installment in August

Written by: Tracy Pretlow

At its inception, the goal of the Emerald Exchange was to bring Northern California-grown cannabis to Southern California, creating access to the cannabis marketplace and a platform for the exchange of products, ideas and opportunities including art, music and food in an “elevated, sustainable, organic and conscious” approach, says Jessica Cure, Emerald Exchange Event Producer […]


Pot and Pans

Pairing terpenes in food and marijuana to create flavorful cutting-edge cuisine

Written by: Jesse Hom-Dawson

Think back to the last time you had a cannabis-infused edible. Perhaps a from-the-box pot brownie made by your college roommate? Or maybe a pack of THC-laced gummy worms from the local dispensary? While decades of canna-chefs have experimented with the substance, marijuana’s pungent flavor and difficulties managing dosing have plagued the realm of gourmet […]