“Seasoned with Purpose”

Employees Gain Business Savvy at Shemesh Farms in Malibu, CA

Written by: Madelyn Gagnon

Based in Malibu, California, Shemesh Farms hires adults with diverse mental and physical disabilities in its mission to teach employees life skills ranging from marketing strategy to beekeeping. Also known as Farm Fellows, Shemesh team members each take on a variety of roles at the farm. “The Farm Fellows help maintain the farm and garden […]


Into the Light: The Third Emerald Exchange returns to Malibu

Written by: Taylor Haynes

The Emerald Triangle of Northern California is known for the forest, scenic coastline and cannabis. For generations, people have been cultivating the plant in the region. Now, with the trade show Emerald Exchange, those in Los Angeles have access to the near-mythical cannabis of Northern California and a chance to meet the cultivators who grow […]