Cooking with Cannabis

Elevating a Staple Soup to a Higher Plane

Written by: Abby Read

Nothing says fall like a good bowl of soup. This year, steer away from the tired combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup and instead dip your spoon into something a little leafier. In the recipes below, Chef Sebastian Carosi from the Pacific Northwest and the Bergin Hunt & Fish Club catering company shares his cannabis […]


Alaska Crab Beignets

Alaska’s Wild Harvest

At Tutka Bay Lodge, Foraging is as natural as Alaska Seafood

Written by: Roger Morris

We are at Tutka Bay Lodge, which overlooks an inlet of Kachemak Bay—a 40-minute floatplane flight south of Anchorage—learning more about Alaska seafood and how to prepare it. But almost as important as the seafood itself, at Tutka Bay, the Dixons and their guides wouldn’t think about meal planning without first foraging in the dense woods and along the rocky seashore for ingredients to accompany the bounty from the nearby oceans and rivers.


Abil Bradshaw and Melissa Flynn of Bed, Baked and Beyond

Bud and Breakfasts Fire Up

Intimate lodging comes of age in Seattle

Written by: Julie H. Case

Across Washington and Colorado, bed-and-breakfasts that cater to cannabis clientele are becoming the rage; think of them as “bud and breakfasts,” instead.


Katherine Anderson of Marigold and Mint in Seattle

Marigold and Mint

Seattle, WA

Written by: Jesse Hom-Dawson

A flower farm and a wine bar might seem like an unlikely pairing, but Marigold and Mint owner Katherine Anderson has created the perfect symbiotic relationship between the two. Anderson grew up gardening in the family backyard, and it eventually led her to start the flower farm in 2008 on a two-acre plot of land […]