Cooking with Cannabis

Elevating a Staple Soup to a Higher Plane

Written by: Abby Read

Nothing says fall like a good bowl of soup. This year, steer away from the tired combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup and instead dip your spoon into something a little leafier.┬áIn the recipes below, Chef Sebastian Carosi from the Pacific Northwest and the Bergin Hunt & Fish Club catering company shares his cannabis […]


Sorrel Pesto

Sorrel: The Pungent Plant

A Flavorful and Leafy Green that can spice up a variety of dishes

Written by: Jesse Hom-Dawson

A perennial herb related to rhubarb and buckwheat, sorrel (not to be mistaken with the Jamaican hibiscus drink, also called sorrel) is a leafy green that resembles spinach in looks, but mimics arugula in taste with its bright and slightly bitter flavor. In season from spring through summer, sorrel is a versatile ingredient that can […]