A Perfect Pairing For the Summer

Guacamole and Chardonnay

Written by: Brian Talley

The coastal San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County region is unique as a place that grows both world-class Chardonnay and avocados—a match made in heaven. Of all the produce we grow at Talley Farms, avocados may be the crop I like most, and I consider guacamole to be the best possible expression of the […]


Suds and Supper: Pairing with Dos Equis Ambar, pt. 6

Chef Matt D’Ambrosi of Mezcalito in San Francisco, CA

Written by: Jesse Hom-Dawson

Although wine and cocktails are popular food pairings, beer has started to join the party, providing a more casual yet tasty alternative pairing to dishes.  Dos Equis Ambar is a classic Vienna-style Mexican beer established in 1897 with a full body and a smooth finish. Dos Equis Ambar is a 4.7% ABV lager distinctly flavorful […]