To Whom it May Chocolates Inspire the Imagination

New L.A. Company Offers Unique Edibles

by: Taylor Haynes

Imagine your medicating experience could be elevated to another level by an edible. With To Whom It May Chocolates, users are offered a cannabis edible that is impeccably presented while also prioritizing a positive, fun and lighthearted experience.

Gone are the days of sugared, grassy-tasting edibles. Now, medicated edibles are vying for the classiest packaging, best flavors and quality to meet the demands of increasingly picky consumers. While many people still indulge in a nice glass of wine, the intent of To Whom It May is for cannabis to be presented in a similarly elegant way and with elegant ingredients.

To Whom It May appeals to a wide range of cannabis consumers, from longtime smokers to people more interested in micro-dosing. Tomer Grassiany, the founder of To Whom It May, explained how cannabis is increasingly accepted, particularly when lower doses and convenient ingestion methods are available.

“It’s showing consumers that there is an alternative to alcohol,” says Grassiany. “[Cannabis] can be as sophisticated and upscale as that—there’s a classier way of consuming and enjoying it and still be able to go about your day. Having a little dose helps keeping on with the day and focus on the important things.”

These chocolates are pretty enough to be presented as a nice housewarming present or a creative gift for a dinner party. They’re approachable too: anyone from your newlywed friends to your champagne-sipping grandmother could potentially enjoy the medicated truffles. To Whom It May represents the convenience and portability of the mainstream cannabis culture married with a luxury aesthetic rarely found on the edibles market. Even the color splash design on the outside of the truffle boxes are an ode to the tie-dye, psychedelic cannabis culture of years passed, but reimagined with a modern and refined twist.

To Whom It May founder Tomer Grassiany.

Furthermore, there are a variety of dosages per truffle, ranging anywhere from completely un-medicated—for the friend who does not partake but loves a good chocolate—all the way to 45 milligrams, ideal for those who have high tolerances.

Beyond the visual appeal, To Whom It May is driven by a group of fictitious personalities. You’re accompanied on your cannabis journey by characters artfully crafted to pair with each chocolate variety. There’s Vivienne, Zak, Myra and Ralph—your dependable guides through the experience, whose personalities are inspired by the wholesome ingredients and the intended psychoactive effects of the infused cannabis.

“This is meant to bring the flavors to life in an elegant way,” Grassiany says. “They’re kept anonymous, kept faceless, but infuse the experience with a companion to enrich your journey.”

Inspired by iconic characters throughout history, the characters are meant to be identified with. You might relate to the intellectualism and seriousness of Myra—a hazelnut brandy bon bon—or the expressiveness of Zak, a smoked almond butter truffle.

To Whom It May’s Vivienne, a cherry cayenne bonbon.

For example, Vivienne is a cherry cayenne bonbon. She’s spunky, spicy and stands out in a crowd.

“Sumptuous sweetness, a splash of red wine, and a splendid spritz of spice, Vivienne knows how to dress her dark chocolate, for day and for night,” the website declares.

The ingredients for Vivienne are mouthwatering and sans sugar: unsweetened dried cherries, dark chocolate, red wine, raw honey and cayenne pepper. Vivienne is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth without being too much.

Grassiany has found the characters help the product remain fun and unique. For someone who might be experiencing chronic pain or debilitating disease, the chocolates offer a bright method for taking medicine.

“We’ve seen taking medicine in a playful and creative way help people,” Grassiany says. “By taking a curated chocolate, if you will, it’s like you’re just doing something normal.”

To Whom It May Chocolates are offering a product rarely found—creative, classy and ideal for the high-minded cannabis consumer. Vivienne or Zak might just be the friend you have been looking for.

To Whom It May Chocolates are currently found in three dispensaries, including The Art of Edibles Cannabis Collective, a Los Angeles delivery membership service. They are working on expanding their availability. To learn more, visit

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